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rdolinski vitae

apply to position:

Functional and Developer








28053 Madrid - Spain



Caracas. Venezuela

civil state:

Married, 2 daughter


Spain 0034-677339096

I am rdg

Ricardo Dolinski Garrido

Systems Engineer

Consulting and System Development

nationality: Spanish, Venezuelan




knowledge: Siebel Tools, Siebel eScript, Siebel EIM, Informática PowerCenter, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, SQLServer, JDEdwards OneWorld, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WebService, C#, HTML, JavaScript, UML, XML, ITIL

rdolinski idea eu


- development of systems: analysis, design and programming.

- knowledge in Siebel CRM, contracts, remote incident management and field.

- migration of data to Siebel data model using EIM Siebel and resolve incidence configuring with Siebel Tools.

- analyze, design and programming of applications, reports and conversion of table of JDEdwards OneWorld; for modify copies to complete the client's requirements or create new complementary to the ERP.

- create relational scheme, procedures PL/SQL Oracle, functions, trigger and SQL querys with TOAD, PL/SQL Developer.

- design and program systems for Intranet and Internet in PERL, ASP, VBScript, HTML, JavaScript, XML and SQLServer.

- design the outline of classes to create instance in OOP in New Era of Informix.

ricardodolinskigarrido write


- rethink Siebel assignment rules, in priority of criteria, sequence of rules, and correspondence between rules, incident hierarchy and incident solver groups Service Request.

- pose correspondence between products in SLA and Siebel Contract; OLA priority per group resolver in SLA, and serialization for hierarchy ranking of incidents by incident solver groups and by service-product.

- resolve incident relating to Siebel Service Request: product, asset, customer, organization, owner, contract.

- monitor and configure: components, jobs, tasks, and PID Windows for consumption on server CPU and RAM.

- know model developed for application eService and Siebel HelpDesk, identify improvements and test failures TEST; maintenance and support, of Siebel Field Service and HelpDesk application.

- resolve incidence of application Siebel in TEST or UAT environment with Siebel Tools configuring column in table, field in business component, control in applet y view in screen.

- write in English the documents functional, mapping and requirement matrix for factory in India build migration process

- identify the columns of base table (fields in BC) that they are necessary to load, using Siebel Tools for each control from applet in application Siebel in the corresponding business component

- identify in external model the columns that correspond for each column in table EIM and would be received by flat file

- load in table EIM columns necessary for generate each ROW_ID in table base and for resolve each foreign key required.  Also, columns necessary for resolve the access to data according to position and visibility of data according to Organization.

- build data mapping and workflow with Oracle Warehouse Builder, Informática PowerCenter and SQLServer DTS

- make .ifb file, use it with server manager for load table base with table EIM, and tracking the errors code generated in .log.

- execute Application Siebel with local .srf and access to data in server with purpose to verify access and visibility to data; in case of error, execute in database the output SQL of spool and identify condition failure.

- extend columns in table base, table EIM and execute table mapping to indicate the load of data by EIM.

- make store procedure and function in PL / SQL for data transformation, and use it in data mapping and workflow.

- module for accountant register of sales by TPV, and system of affiliations and billing, in JDEdwards OneWorld.

- administration system of subscribers built with PERL, HTML, JavaScript and SQLServer, for access by Internet.

- workflow outline by relationship between task that triggers event and for each it execute activity, as relational scheme as programming of module that create that relation task-event-activity, in Informix NewEra.

- module for show and load of amounts in similar form to Excel for system of market consultation built it in C and Sybase.

- budget system in Clipper; and module for bills of paying in SQL*Forms and PL/SQL Oracle.

- automated model to identify plans of capture of know-how in organizations; built in CSP with routines in PL/1 to access files VSAM and to execute heuristic algorithm.


ricardodolinskigarrido plan eu





Functional Analyst – Siebel 8.0, Tools, EIM, OWB, DataStage

María J. García Beteta

Tecnocom – Spain

Consultant – Siebel 7.8,EIM,Tools,Informática PowerCenter

Alberto Martín


Senior Consultant I – JDEdwards OneWorld

Juan Cogolludo Pastor

Capgemini Spain

Consultant – PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne

Miguel Angel Ventura

IOS – Spain

Systems AnalystJDEdwards OneWorld

Fernando Molano

Venemotos Yamaha

Analyst Programmer – ASP, VBScript

Ricardo Marín

Ease Consultores

Programmer OW II – JDEdwards OneWorld

Marianella Arriechi

B.F.G.P. Ingenieros

Engineer of Project – New Era, Informix

José Luis Cano

Database Access

Analyst Programmer – Sybase, C

Gary Gandelman


Analyst Programmer – Oracle, PL/SQL

Concepción Divasson



Edgar Lander

Lara Rodríguez Marambios

Pasante – CSP, PL/1, VSAM

Orlando Rivas


crm now


Ingeniero de Sistema, Instituto Universitario Politécnico Luis Caballero Mejías


exp. 8306046

Maestría Ingeniería Gerencial, Universidad Metropolitana, ( 40 credit unit approved until Jun.95 )


exp. 9351446

Maestría Política Económica, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, ( microeconomic approved )


exp. 89719


rdolinski objective

I work as Functional Analyst in Madrid Spain with use of Siebel Application, Siebel Tools, Siebel EIM and EAI. I want to improve my skills in CRM, DW, BI, ERP, WEB; and I would like to work in a project in anglosajon country for improve my conversational english level. I am interested in CRM, Siebel, Business Intelligence, Business Object, Data Warehouse, ETL and ERP. I do another activities in my free time as read, write y think about Economy, Marketing and Strategic Planning. You can feel free to contact me about opportunities in IT, Marketing & Strategic Planning. Please send me email to,; skype: ricardodolinskigarrido

rdolinski scribd


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